Executive Series on "Connecting with the World - ASEAN"


Overview of the Executive Series


The current global geopolitical landscape is a dynamic and complex tapestry of political, economic, and social forces that shape relations between nations. In an increasingly multimodal world, a deeper understanding of geopolitical dynamics is a vital tool for policymakers for informed decision-making, whether it is in anticipating economic trends, assessing future risks, or finding room for diplomacy, etc. The Executive Series in Connecting with the World: ASEAN consists of six sessions with distinctive topics to give participants valuable insights into global and regional development.

Seminar 1: “Navigating the Changing Multimodal World”

In the inaugural seminar held on 22 November 2023, Mr George Yeo, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore highlighted how the global geopolitical landscape has been changing and shared his insights into how Hong Kong as a gateway between China and the world could respond and position itself to leverage its comparative advantages.


We may not be able to change the world but we can decide how to position ourselves in that world


Mr Geroge Yeo

Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore

About the Speaker

Mr George Yeo

Mr George Yeo

  • Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore
Professor Heiwai Tang (Moderator)

Professor Heiwai Tang (Moderator)

  • Director, Asia Global Institute, HKU
  • Associate Dean (External Relations), Executive Education of HKU Business School
Participants of "Executive Series on Connecting with the World: ASEAN"

What Participants Say


  • An excellent analysis of issues relevant to Hong Kong and its positioning in a quickly-changing geopolitical environment.
  • The seminar provided valuable insights into the role and work of the civil service and strategic vision for political leadership.
  • An excellent international perspective relevant to Hong Kong and the region.
  • I learned a lot about the opportunities and challenges that ASEAN faces in the era of digital transformation and globalisation.
  • An eye-opening seminar to hear Mr George Yeo's perspective on what is happening around the world and what shaped the world as it is today.
Mr George Yeo

About Mr George Yeo


Mr George Yeo graduated from Cambridge University, majoring in engineering, and later gained his MBA degree from Harvard Business School, achieving the distinction as a Baker Scholar. He served in the Singapore armed Forces and attained the rank of Brigadier General before he left the military.

He served as a Minister in multiple ministries including Minister for Information and the Arts, Minister for Health, Minister for Trade and Industry, and Minister for Foreign Affairs. On leaving politics in 2011, he joined the private sector, taking on advisory roles and board memberships in various organisations and educational institutions.

Professor Heiwai Tang

About Professor Heiwai Tang


Professor Heiwai Tang is Victor and William Fung Professor in Economics, Director of the Asia Global Institute, as well as the Associate Dean (External Relations) of Executive Education of HKU Business School. He has been a consultant to the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the United Nations, and the Asian Development Bank. His research interests span a wide range of theoretical and empirical topics in international trade, with a specific focus on production networks, global value chains, and China.