Professional Competence

Professional Competence

Diversify Training Programmes on Professional Development

We are dedicated to meeting the training needs of civil servants at all levels, continuously strengthening their professional competence, ensuring the highest ethical standards, and reinforcing their sense of duty and commitment.


We offer a series of training programmes encompassing areas of innovation and technology (I&T) application, media communication, languages, performance management, and human resources management to meet the training needs of civil servants at different stages of their career.

Innovation and Technology Application


To support the “Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint”, CSC organises training on I&T application for civil servants at all levels. We infuse elements encouraging I&T application into our programmes and collaborate with different experts, academics, industry practitioners and government officials to update civil servants on the latest I&T developments and industry experience. CSC aims to enhance the learning experience through technology, encouraging civil servants to apply technology more extensively to improve public services. We strive to cultivate within the civil service a culture of continuous learning, adoption of technology and innovation.